Industry Outreach

We understand industry, and what it takes to make not just successful companies; but world class companies.

These organizations are built by reliable, smart, and passionate talent - and we've mentored hundreds of these types of individuals.

We work as a liaison between industry, businesses, professional organizations, communities, colleges, and technical schools to identify the needs for the future work force, assess curriculum, identify gaps; then provide guidance and support to ensure the graduating pool has the knowledge to hit the ground running.

Security: Cyber / Physical / Logistical

You have something you value; whether it be digital data on a proprietary product, inventory of material for production, or just cold hard cash.

What you have - other people want.

We have vast experience in business security; whether it is physical, logistical, cyber-security, or an internal threat.

We can assess your business, identify the value, review your current security; and work with your team to implement the needed changes.

Digital Enterprise Integration

You have a product to sell and customers who want it.

Now what?

When do you need to buy material? How much do you need to buy? How are you going to produce this product? Do you have the capacity? Can you meet your customer's demands?

Digital Enterprise Solutions help answer these questions: whether it is ERP, MRP, MPS, CRM, or another acronym that you may or may not understand.

We can help your team wade through these buzzwords, look at your business requirements, and determine a solution that is right sized and right type for your company.

At that point, we won't leave you with a 3-ring binder on your shelf.

We'll also stick around to help implement the solution, so you get the bang for your buck. Whether you need project management, process mapping, data migration, training, or data integration; we will be there as a partner to ensure your investment has the expected return and business case is met.